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Bluetooth Firmware Update

You can download the latest updates to your Bluetooth Alpine device.

Improvements for CDE-173BT, CDE-174BT and UTE-72BT

The update improves the following points:

  • Pairing process
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Improvements for CDE-177BT CDE-178BT and iDE-178BT

The update improves the following points:

  • Bluetooth audio performance during phonebook download
  • Phonebook download speed

1. Compatibility Charts

If you are able to pair your mobile phone without any problems, there is no need to update the software.

We recommend that you check the Bluetooth firmware version on your Alpine product and compare the mobile phones listed in the Compatibility Chart.

Please select your Alpine device for further information.


CDE-173BT, CDE-174BT, UTE-72BT

2. Download Firmware

Please follow the step-by-step instructions to update your Alpine device.

How to update your Alpine device Firmware

1. Download Bluetooth Firmware Update File to USB memory stick

2. Park and turn the engine off. Keep the ACC key position.

3. Plug in the USB memory stick
USB front:

  • CDE-173BT
  • UTE-72BT
  • CDE-177BT

USB rear:

  • CDE-174BT
  • CDE-178BT
  • iDE-178BT

4. Update your Bluetooth Firmware.


  • Do NOT update the Bluetooth firmware while driving.
  • Do NOT turn off the vehicle or remove power from the Head Unit while the unit is updating. The update will not be performed correctly and the Head Unit may be damaged.


  • Computer with USB port
  • USB memory stick


CDE-173BT, CDE-174BT, UTE-72BT

CDE-177BT, CDE-178BT, iDE-178BT

Please Note: The update procedure for Version C510 is the same as for Version C500